Career Counseling

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Current Job?

Do you begin each morning dreading going to work? You may wake up feeling stressed and anticipating problems with clients or coworkers. Or, perhaps the sheer monotony of your daily work routine is depleting your energy, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and stuck. You may keep a close eye on the clock all day, counting down the hours. Perhaps you're having difficulties with a supervisor, other employees, or clients, and you’re feeling burnt out. You may have been feeling dissatisfied at work for quite some time, but are afraid of how a career change will affect your relationships, financial status, or everyday life.

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Or, if you’ve recently stepped into a new management role, you may be feeling unsure about how to handle new leadership responsibilities. Maybe you’re overworked, putting in long hours, and don’t get to have quality time with friends or family or for pursuing other interests. Though your achievements have paved the way for you to take on this new role, do you have doubts about whether you really know what you're doing?

Looking for work, experiencing workplace problems, or feeling unsure about your career trajectory can be an overwhelming, isolating, and frustrating experience. The stress of feeling trapped and powerless to improve negative circumstances in your current position may have started trickling into your personal life, affecting your ability to enjoy activities or connect with loved ones. At this point, you’ve likely realized that you need to make a change in your life, but you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of how to move forward.

Almost Everyone Faces Career Difficulties

Our careers have many layers of meaning for us - they may represent financial security, our deepest values, or our sense of status and prestige. Navigating tension with coworkers or clients or feeling unfulfilled or directionless can be scary. It's no wonder, then, that it is so stressful to deal with career difficulties.

Whether you are working in your first professional position out of college or graduate school, or you have successfully advanced to a senior role, career challenges are a normal part of career development. Most high achievers have felt like an imposter at some point in their career, and you may find yourself doubting that you have the skills or experience to pursue a new role or excel in your current position.

If you take a moment to reflect on your achievements so far in your career, it's likely that you already have many of the skills needed to be successful. Through career counseling, you can address the obstacles that may be getting in your way, develop new skill sets, and feel more motivated and confident about your ability to direct your own career path. 

Take Control of Your Career with Career Counseling

As a career coach and licensed psychologist, I understand that feeling dissatisfied, overtaxed, or underutilized at work can have a significant impact on your personal life and vice versa, making career fulfillment pivotal for your overall well-being. With guidance and support, you can clarify why you’re unhappy in your current position, explore exciting possibilities, and move forward equipped with new insights and skills. 

Professional career counseling entails using an array of techniques and strategies to help you pursue opportunities that suit your skills and interests. My approach to career counseling is supportive and solution-focused, meaning that we will clearly identify the problems or barriers you’re facing and develop measurable goals for you to complete on a realistic timeline. In our sessions together, we will discuss your career influences and career history. You will also have the opportunity to complete career and leadership assessments that outline your skills, strengths and growth areas, work environment preferences, career interests, and core values. Integrating your assessment results with the information you provide during our meetings, we will collaboratively identify what you truly want from your career. When you feel indecisive or nervous - which is to be expected - I will help you evaluate your options, make helpful shifts in your thinking, skillfully manage stress, and approach your career transition in a thoughtful and intentional way. 

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Once you are ready to take the next step, or if you are already clear about how you want to move forward, I can provide strategic, practical assistance. We can work together to build upon your communication and leadership skills, which can help you set professional boundaries and address workplace tensions effectively. Our work is also a space for you to learn and practice skills for conducting a job search, interviewing, and networking, and I will provide feedback about your application materials (including resumes, cover letters, and writing samples). Each of these steps can help you move toward a more ideal career and work environment. 

My ultimate goals are to help you envision new possibilities and arm you with the information and tools that will get you to where you want to be. Making a change in your career is stressful, and it is also a chance for you to see just how capable you are. With the guidance of an experienced career counselor, you can have a career that connects with your strengths and sets you up for happiness and success. Career trajectories are not always linear and can change as you grow and evolve. Wherever you are now, it is absolutely possible for you to feel more confident about where your career is going. 

You may still have some questions or concerns about Career Counseling…

Does anyone actually like their job?

Many people struggle to find good work that suits their needs, and we often don't receive guidance about how to make changes when we feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled in our work. Some people view working simply as a necessary evil, rather than considering their career as a potentially significant source of satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to find a career and work environment you enjoy. People who love their job typically have many opportunities to make full use of their skills and work within an organizational culture that aligns with their personality and values. Developing this integrated understanding of your strengths and values can help you create shifts in your current job or lead you to a position or workplace where you feel engaged, valued, and proud of your contributions.

Shouldn’t I be able to figure this out on my own?

When you have achieved so much already, you face even more pressure to take care of everything yourself. But the truth is, it’s a myth that everyone has gotten to their current position without any help or guidance. Having an informed, resourceful network is critical for making strategic career transitions. An experienced career coach, who understands the many factors that go into career decision-making and skill building, can be an asset to your career development. 

I’ve been feeling so stuck. How will Career Counseling help?

Over the course of a career, many people feel trapped, struggling to believe that things can change. It may be the case that you know what you want, but you’re not sure if you have the skills or experience to make your goals a reality. Financial concerns or worries about disappointing your family or colleagues may also get in the way of your decision-making. What career counseling provides is the opportunity to closely examine and untangle elements in your life that have been getting in your way or obscuring your view. When we’re able to identify what’s been keeping you stuck, you can gain clarity and agency about how you would like to move forward.

As a career counselor and psychologist, I’ve seen the profound and empowering benefits of taking control of your career. You deserve to feel fulfilled in your work, and the challenges you’re facing now can be transformed into opportunities for positive and lasting change.

You Can Love Your Career

If you want to feel more confident and satisfied in your career, please schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation with me by clicking on the button below. I’m happy to address any questions you have about career and professional counseling and my practice in New York City.