Relationship Counseling

Are You Struggling To Find or Sustain A Fulfilling Relationship?

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Do you feel alone in your relationship? Or, are you single and having a difficult time connecting with someone special? Perhaps you feel attentive to your partner’s or date’s needs, but don’t feel as though you receive the same level of care in return. You may even try to openly express your desires and concerns with your partner, only to find a significant shift in your dynamic never occurs and your needs remain unmet. It may feel like you and your partner have the same fight over and over again, falling into the same patterns of criticism, blame, or avoidance. Or, with demanding work and social schedules, it may feel like you rarely have time to go out with people, let alone nurture a relationship. Are you considering getting engaged, planning a wedding, or currently married and questioning your relationship, wondering if unresolved problems are a symptom of larger issue? Do you wish you could feel more desired, loved, and valued by your partner or potential partners and trust in your ability to overcome relationship challenges?

Feeling disconnected and lonely or experiencing consistent discord in a long-term relationship can be a frustrating and confusing experience. Balancing your social life with those at work while allotting time for self-care is stressful and challenging on its own. Add the stress of relationship issues, and navigating daily tasks and challenges can seem overwhelming. A strained relationship can impact your ability to feel focused, present, and secure. Whether you’re single or feeling stuck in a strained relationship, you may be close to giving up, wondering if a fulfilling relationship is even possible.

Dating and Relationships are Difficult - Especially in NYC

It’s completely normal to occasionally become irritated, have disagreements, and face challenges with your partner or spouse. And, if you’re single and having trouble connecting with someone, it’s also normal to feel insecure or a little lost and burnt out from dating apps, especially in a city like New York.

Relationships difficulties often heighten during times of transition, such as moving in together, having children, changing careers, becoming engaged or married, experiencing a loss, going back to school, and more. In fact, stress of all kinds can impact your relationships. Here in New York, it’s especially common for individuals to experience financial stress, and the pressure to excel at work or balance multiple jobs can lead to a feeling of isolation, whether you’re single or in a relationship. And, if you are well connected here in the city, there may be a lot of demands on your time that keep you away from home. No matter what you’re experiencing, counseling can help clarify concerns, improve communication, and guide you on a healing path toward peace, connection, and satisfaction.

Relationship Counseling Can Help You Feel Confident and Connected

Relationship-focused therapy provides the opportunity for you to closely examine your family history, peer relationships, and romantic history to uncover the relationship patterns that are affecting your romantic life. As you develop deeper insights into past relationship patterns and how they influence current conflict or disconnection, you can discover greater freedom and choice about how to navigate intimate relationships moving forward.   

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Seeking counseling for your relationship concerns allows you to receive impartial and supportive guidance from a professional. I teach my clients a variety of skills that help improve communication, relationship satisfaction, and connection. As we work together, you can take positive risks and and become more empowered to voice your needs. 

In examining your family of origin, as well as your history of relationships with peers and romantic partners, you may find that your behaviors, emotions, and thoughts are not only valid but actually make a lot of sense considering what you’ve been through. This work can help you understand why you have come to think, feel, and behave the way you do. Through the use of effective techniques, such as mindfulness practices, you can learn to identify unsettling thoughts and feelings as they occur and feel better equipped to calmly respond to difficult situations, rather than react. You can feel a greater sense of control over how you express your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs to others. As you become increasingly aware of your own needs and how to communicate them, you stand a better chance that your needs will actually be met. You'll be able to set clearer boundaries and enjoy greater ease in all of your relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

I’ve helped hundreds of individuals discover more about themselves, change negative communication patterns, and experience more fulfilling relationships. With supportive and empathic guidance from an experienced relationship therapist, you can make positive changes in your relationship dynamics.

You may still have some questions or concerns about relationship counseling…

 Why should I seek therapy when it’s my partner or Other People who really need it?

All relationships are interactions, and that's good news. You have the power to influence your relationships by creating shifts in the way you relate to your partner or the people you are seeing. If you’ve been frustrated and unsatisfied with their behavior and you’re committed to working through challenges, therapy gives you a supportive space to focus on elements that are in your control and acquire skills that allow you to effectively communicate your concerns. If you are partnered and thinking about couples counseling or marital counseling, or if you are already engaged in couples counseling with your partner, individual counseling can be an added resource for you. Working with a counselor one-on-one allows you to deepen your self-understanding and feel more empowered to advocate for yourself - leading to changes in multiple areas of your life.

If I need counseling for my relationship, does that mean the relationship is Over?

Seeking counseling to address relationship concerns allows you explore the nature of your relationship without blame or judgment, so you can decide what you want the future of your relationship to be. Relationship conflicts are often caused by miscommunication, repeating unhelpful behavior patterns from earlier relationships, and the tendency for us to find ourselves stuck in frustrating roles that we would not have otherwise chosen (such as “nagging,” criticizing, or avoiding).We will work together to help you gain greater insight into these old, familiar patterns and develop more effective ways for you to relate. By taking the time to better understand your relationship patterns, you give yourself more opportunities to intervene and try something new, making room for a deeper connection to emerge.

Everyone has relationship problems. Shouldn’t I be able to handle this on my own?

I hear this all the time. So many people believe they should rely on themselves when they're struggling. In my experience, though, when people pressure themselves into taking care of everything on their own, their stress typically builds and builds until they end up at a breaking point. Maybe this sounds familiar to you. The stress of feeling disconnected can impact every part of your life, from your productivity at work to your ability to feel good about yourself. If you’re having a tough time managing the stress of dating or getting through to your partner, you deserve support. 

You Can Have a Satisfying Relationship

If you’re having dating or relationship difficulties and live in New York City, I invite you to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation with me by clicking the button below. I’m happy to address any questions you have about relationship counseling and my practice.