Women's Leadership Development Coaching

Do You Feel Disempowered In Your Leadership Role? 

Are you struggling to own your accomplishments in the workplace? Perhaps you feel undeserving of your success, like an imposter waiting to be found out, and it seems like one mistake could expose you or undo all your hard work. You might over-prepare and feel like you must perform flawlessly just to seem competent. Are you constantly interrupted by your male coworkers, made to feel inferior, or even sexually harassed? You might be expected to be caring and nurturing while you implement regulations and discipline, which can be emotionally demanding and draining. As stress at work increases, you may feel as though you’re not devoting enough time and energy to your personal life, ultimately leading feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy. Do you wish you had the tools to effectively relieve work-related stress, better manage your team, and advocate for yourself?

Women in leadership face unique and varied challenges. You may be preoccupied not only with fulfilling duties and meeting deadlines, but also with seeming competent and credible to your clients and colleagues. As a woman, you may anticipate that others will question your competence, which makes you work even harder to be taken seriously. As pressures intensify, advocating for yourself or your direct reports may not seem like an option, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and frustrated. You may want a healthier balance in life, but don’t know how to begin implementing lasting changes.

 Women in Leadership roles Face Distinct Challenges

If you are feeling overwhelmed and undervalued at work or you are having trouble balancing your responsibilities at work with those at home, you are not alone. Recent studies have found that female leaders routinely have their expertise questioned and tend to underestimate their own abilities and performance. While women have been integral in the work force for decades – today, over 50 percent of new hires are women – there is still a pervasive expectation that women are overly sensitive caregivers who lack logic and drive. In a leadership role, this often means being held to a double standard. When you act in the best interest of yourself and your team, your actions may be misinterpreted as aggressive rather than assertive. And, on top of all these pressures at work, you may have several responsibilities at home, such as attending to your relationship with your partner, parenting, or caring for a sick or aging relative. Depending on the workplace and its unspoken practices, you may even feel like you need to conceal your pregnancy or other health needs in order to maintain your position and be considered for promotion.

You devote so much of your time to your leadership role. You deserve to feel respected and appreciated by your colleagues and clients. Coaching for women’s leadership development can provide you with effective strategies to find work-life balance, relieve stress, deal with difficult coworkers, advocate for yourself, and better serve your team.

find Balance and Build Confidence with Leadership Coaching

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My approach to coaching women in leadership roles is holistic. As a licensed psychologist with specialized training in career development, I can provide the resources and skill-building you need to make changes at work, as well as address any underlying anxiety, depression, or relationship issues that may be driving or resulting from your work-related stress.

You’ve likely pushed yourself very hard to get to where you are now in your career. When you’re in a leadership position, it can be hard to speak with colleagues about any feelings of uncertainty or insecurity because you are afraid your competence will be questioned. Career coaching provides you with a safe, confidential space to express your concerns and feelings freely. In our sessions, I welcome imperfection, openness, and authenticity. In fact, a key component of this work is developing self-compassion and sustainable self-care practices. Building these vital skills can help you reduce stress, enhance your creative problem-solving abilities, and feel more present and revived in your personal life.

My approach to coaching is solution-focused, which means we will collaboratively set and work toward measurable goals. Career counseling allows you to build upon your strengths and learn and practice new leadership strategies for assertive communication, managing conflict, and improving morale in a supportive space. I may recommend that you complete a leadership assessment so we can clearly identify your unique strengths and growth areas and engage in skill-building that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Although experiencing double standards at work is not your fault, it is possible to for you have agency in how you respond to stressful working conditions. Together, we will thoroughly examine how your workplace operates using a systems approach, which will help you gain clarity about how different parts of your work environment come together to function as a whole. Once we have mapped out the formal and informal workings of your organization, we will identify the specific policies or practices that lead to harmful or frustrating organizational dynamics. From there, we will develop a plan for addressing these problematic dynamics, which may include advocating for policy change or engaging in new practices in order to create a needed shift. Together, we can identify your allies and build your network of support so that you can pursue changes in your workplace with a team behind you. Step by step, we will identify feasible, strategic adjustments that can create positive changes for you and your team.

Women’s leadership development is something that I deeply committed to. As a woman who has risen to supervisor and management roles myself, I understand the many challenges that women leaders face. With support and targeted skill-building, you can feel more empowered and influential in your current role.

You may still have questions and concerns about women’s leadership development…

I doubt anything can change or help my situation.

Implementing change is not easy, and it’s impossible for one person to be solely responsible for changing an entire workplace. This is why I employ a systems approach. We will consider how various stakeholders influence your workplace and explore the roles you’ve taken on (or been pushed into) within this system. Using this understanding, we will work together to determine what changes are possible, what role you can and want to play in bringing them about, and what skills or support you need to create these desired changes.

I’m worried about the consequences of advocating for myself and others.

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Anytime you make a change, you don’t know exactly how those around you will respond, and that can be scary. In our work together, we will anticipate and plan for the possible reactions you may encounter. This will help you make informed decisions about what actions you are willing to take and feel prepared to address the possible outcomes. At the same time, I want you to imagine the potential positive outcomes of your advocacy: a sense of empowerment; opportunities to mentor direct reports and other women and underrepresented people within your company (if you so choose); and enthusiasm about going to work—if work were a place where you felt respected and appreciated. With the support and skills to advocate for yourself and your team, you can take powerful steps toward creating this reality. 

I don’t want my workplace to find out I’m seeking leadership development coaching.

Our work together is completely confidential. Coaching sessions have all the same protections as therapy sessions. According to New York state law, I cannot disclose your involvement in coaching nor can I discuss the content of our sessions with anyone but you. Coaching offers you the unique opportunity to freely express your concerns, desires, and stressors in non-judgmental space.

You Can Feel Confident and Valued at Work

If you would like to learn more about women’s leadership coaching or about my practice in New York City, please click the button below to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation. I’m happy to address any questions you have about my background, issues affecting women in leadership, or how coaching can help you maintain work-life balance.